We could not do the work we do without you!


   It's a fact: in times of trouble, folks can depend upon Oklahomans to come to their aid.  In the aftermath of the recent storms that hit our state, we wanted you to know how much we appreciate your support and we hope you will continue that support as we strive to meet the needs of families affected by this tragic event.
   The Mission is coordinating services with all of the other charities and governmental agencies that have responded to the disaster in order to prevent duplication.  At present, we are providing food, water and basic needs such as household and hygiene items as well as gift cards.  These cards allow the families to choose what they need most.  We are assisting  families and expect the numbers to increase dramatically in the weeks and months to come.  In one case, an extended family consisting of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren all had homes in Moore and all suffered extensive damage.  While some victims of the storm relied upon family members for shelter and support, this family didn't have that option.
   We are committed to helping in their recovery, but we are also continuing to provide the same level of service to our regular clients.  We cannot do that without your help. Every dollar donated stays here in our community to help those in need.